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 so sorry for my long absence,,,,

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PostSubject: so sorry for my long absence,,,,   Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:51 am

i havent been on here in ages ,,,,,,

sorry for my long absence what explanation can i give except,,,

my life is just crazy and sooo busy atm it has been non stop,,,

i got a job last september ,,but since january this year it just been manic,,,

i have gone from normal cashier in the shoe shop i work in ,,,to stepup supervisor,,,which means i have shop and safe keys of my own and have ran/been incharge of the shop on various occasions,,,,,

affraid was very scarey first time i had to open up and look after everything for whole day but it was cool too ,,,,couple of weeks back i had charge of the shop from the saturday right through to the tuesday so i was completely nackered after that long weekend ,,,,as i was helping out due to waiting for new manager ,,,,

but now been managing shop from time to time for past 5 months and it just cool i have run of shop on sunday so Smile ,,,

anyways that not very good excuse but that is it my life is taking a whole ned direction and i am chasing after to keep up with it ,,,,but its all good ,,,,

by by for now my pokercave friends ,,xx Very Happy
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so sorry for my long absence,,,,
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